Anastasia Conyers

Virginia Tech University

Anastasia Conyers graduated from Kings Fork High School of Suffolk, VA with a GPA of 4.1. She is currently attending Virginia Tech University school of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences with a major in Theater.

I was so honored, it really meant a lot to me to know that there are people out there who are proud of me and I appreciate this scholarship recognizing the hard work I had put in. Tuition is very expensive and this financial burden can be a lot on a family. My first year in college was amazing. I learned new things about myself and really rose to the standard that I had set for myself.

~Anastasia Conyers

Caleb Willis

Old Dominion University

Caleb Willis graduated from Churchland High School in Portsmouth, VA with a GPA of 3.35. He is currently attending Old Dominion University, majoring in Foreign Language Studies to influence and connect with people all over the world.

The scholarship helped my mother and I pay for my first year. My first year of college was super fun and a life changing experience. I’ve made many bonds and I have discovered so many things about myself as I step into adulthood.

~Caleb Willis

Jadia Paige

Norfolk State University

Jadia Paige graduated from IC Norcom High School of Portsmouth, VA with a GPA of 3.0. She is currently attending Norfolk State University majoring in Pediatric Nursing.

The Connie Priscilla Scholarship helped me so much during my first year. It relieved myself and my family from paying so much out of pocket. I really appreciate this scholarship because it made my first year of college a breeze.

~Jadia Paige

Jalen Cross

Virginia Commonwealth University

Jalen Cross graduated from Bethel High School of Hampton, VA with a GPA of 3.58. He is currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Criminal Justice and Minoring in Graphic Design.

Before I got the scholarship, I started losing hope about receiving any scholarships. I applied for so many. When I received the Connie Priscilla Scholarship, I was honestly surprised. I care deeply about my education so this award was very beneficial.

~Jalen Cross

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