Recently the Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund caught up with one of our previous scholars Anastasia Conyers. Here are the responses to questions we asked Anastasia.

Why is leadership important as a scholar?

Honestly it is important because scholars aren’t just mediocre students. So you have to stand out among the crowd. In order to do that you have to be a leader and not follow the crowd.

How did being a recipient of the Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund influence your decision to engage in leadership?

It definitely made me realize that leadership opportunities are important and it does help me to mold and shape my talents, that I already had in leadership. So I definitely think being a recipient of the fund made me want to engage in leadership opportunities more.

How did working with community service help you as a scholar?

Working with different community service projects definitely helps me to become more humble. I think being humble is something a leader has to have because you are equal to everybody else. I also think it helps me to be selfless and think of others first. So I think community service definitely has its perks.

What are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about theater and everything that comes with it. I also have a big heart for children and working with them.

What have you learned about yourself this first year at Virginia Tech?

This year at school I discovered that I am stronger than I thought. I don’t know.. going into college I didn’t think I could do it at all. I was really scared…but as the year went on, I got stronger and I got a lot of compliments within the theater department itself at my school. I am good at this..I can do this.

What are your biggest fears?

Biggest fears are success and failure…because with success you are moving into something you have never done before. For me no one close to me has ever done it before. For example, when I ask my Mom, she can’t give me the advice that I would generally get from her, because she has never done this before. So it is like scary moving into something you have never done before. Failure because you have put so much time into it. So one of my biggest fears is just failure. Even though you have to fail to learn.

How was receiving the Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund important to you?

This scholarship fund means the world to me. When I got the news that I received it, it was at a point when my Mother told me “I don’t know how you’re going to go, but you’re going to go.” It kind of shined a light in a dark area. It was like, “you can go.” This is an opportunity for me to go and the tuition not be so hard, because you have this scholarship fund that is given to you. To be able to take this opportunity to learn more about yourself and educate yourself. When it probably wouldn’t have been possible to go without it.