The Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund has help to empowered students to pursue their educational goals for over 3 years now. Our scholarship fund continues to provide an opportunity to help low income and single parent households to pursue a higher education, post high school graduation. Scholars of the Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund are model students with a GPA of 3.5 are higher, help within their community and their household. Showing that they have potential to one day be business and community leaders. Therefore, it is so important for us to empower the various graduates with subsidized cost of textbooks, tuition, room and board and supplies. Previous to 2017 the Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund help students like the graduating class of 2015 Anastasia Conyers attend Virginia Tech University, Caleb Willis attend Old Dominion University, Jadia Paige attend Norfolk State University, Jalen Cross attend Virginia Commonwealth University, or class of 2016 scholars; Bria Adams attend Wittenberg University, Bryan Gray attend Stephan F. Austen University, Jakobi Tharpe attend College of William and Mary, Tyrion Williams attend Virginia Commonwealth University with a $1000 scholarship. The Connie Prscilla Scholarship Fund wanted to help extend our scholarship to 5 students in 2017. So, we reached out to our sponsors and supporters asking them to help us raise our goal of $9,000. With overwhelming support, we received $10,500. Allowing us to provide our scholarship funding to class of 2017 students like Trinitee Pearson attending Virginia Commonwealth University, Shanaya Murphy attending Norfolk State University, Tanner Griffin attending Loyola Marymount University, Jadin Nesbitt attending North Carolina Central University, Kendell Diaz attending California State University at Bakersfield, and Jessica Seawright attending the University of Alabama. We truly thank all our sponsors and contributors in all their support and look forward to reporting our students success throughout the future years.

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