Connie Priscilla Fund Founder

Founder & President, CJ McBath

“Note from the Founder”

As a graduate of North Carolina State University, I take pride in the great education that I received. As fortunate as I was to have access to higher education, many of my friends and teammates were not afforded the same opportunity. That bothered me. It didn’t make sense to me that even if a student performed well in the classroom, he or she could not be guaranteed the same opportunity to further their education due to their household income or from not being selected for a scholarship from the school they were accepted into. From that point on I made it my business to help any student I knew from the community, even with the little money I had as a college student. College isn’t just a place you go to for 4 or 5 years to get a fancy degree and great paying job, although it can be. It is an experience. It is a journey into adulthood, where you find out who you really are, what you are made of and where you find Purpose.

I thought I was going to college to become an engineer and have a great job. However, during my time in school, I discovered my passion for theater and now I am a professional actor and producer. All of my college experiences helped to prepare me for all the things I am doing now and it is my desire and passion to afford other scholars that very same experience. The experience of discovering who they are, expanding their knowledge, meeting a diverse group of people and maximizing their full potential on this earth.

The Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund was created in memory of my two grandmothers, Connie McBath and Priscilla Brown. For their many investments in my life and the lives of countless others, it has been my desire to pay that forward in the lives of the generation behind me in an area I really Partner with me to invest in the lives of our future Leaders and World Changers.

Partnering for Our Future Leaders,

CJ McBath

Our Mission:

Our mission is to encourage and support students desiring a college education. We will assist in affording selected students’ higher education opportunities that will enable them to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their life goals, serve in their communities and be prepared to lead globally. Essentially, we want to make a financial investment, through education, in the lives of our Future Leaders

Our Vision:

The Connie Priscilla Scholarship Fund is an emphatic advocate for higher education that will:

  • Assist students who desire to further their education with financial assistance for tuition, textbooks and room & board.
  • Assist students in low income neighborhoods and single parent households with financial assistance to further their education.
  • Provide scholarships to students who exemplify hard work, leadership and community service.
  • Equip and help students compete at a high level in all of their studies, stress the importance of giving back to the community through service and encourage them to reach for their dreams.